Thursday, August 12, 2010

Begin again

I've promised myself at least a Brazilian times (just saw an email joke about this, I think it was about a blonde) in the last year that I would start a blog.  So here it is.  I wonder how many times I'll start, then stop, then...begin again.  Very much like my life, down the rabbit hole at warp speed.  The first sixty-one years have flown by except, of course, for the painful parts, which have been long and grueling.  Yet somehow, as they say in twelve step programs, I can't seem to let go of something without leaving claw marks over scars that now have become furrows of raw wounds, still oozing with the guilt and regret and fear that I may never get it right.  But then again, according to Abraham-Hicks, we never get it right.  And we never get it done.  So here is the jumping off point for me and may benefits abound.  My Sole to Soul Journey has begun.

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